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What is Super User?

SuperUser is an android app that acts as a barrier between foreign applications and your phone. It allows you to run applications that require root access without letting the applications permanently alter your phone settings. Updates to SuperUser are available in the Android Marketplace for free here. However, SuperUser requires your Android to have root access/a custom recovery image. You can learn more about root access here. In fact, SuperUser comes pre-installed on rooted phones:

Why do applications need SuperUser?

Some applications need access to the entire range of features in your phone’s Android operating system. The SuperUser app maintains a database of permissions you have granted different apps. If you download a new app that isn’t in the database, it asks you if you want to give the app the permissions it is requesting. This prevents apps from using information you want to keep private, or altering your phone settings. To learn more about SuperUser, you can check out the blog maintained by its developer.

5 Great Apps That Require SuperUser Access